Snowbreak: Containment Zone hits 1.5 million pre-registrations as they reveal new character trailer for Mauxir

Snowbreak: Containment Zone hits 1.5 million pre-registrations as they reveal new character trailer for Mauxir

It’s been three months since Amazing Seasun Games kicked off pre-registration for upcoming sci-fi RPG shooter, Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Fans have clearly shown their interest as the game has already hit 1.5 million pre-registrations with over a month to go for the global release. To celebrate, the developers have shown a sneak peek of a new character, Mauxir.

Joining Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s vast roster of characters is Mauxir, who may seem adorable because she meows at the end of every sentence, but she’ll easily decimate you with her submachine gun. Mauxir is an elite operative from the Ramses Group, who feels no pain but tends to have a slow reaction time.

Her combat skills enable her to drag the opponent’s Ego Avatar out and attack it. Mauxir also acts as a judge of sorts who evaluates an enemy’s soul by using the Balance of Judgement. There is no way to escape this, so Mauxir’s foes better watch out.

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These attributes make her sound quite daunting but Mauxir is anything but that. She’s a pretty distinctive character with a unique way of thinking and is adored by all her teammates. Mauxir is being voiced by Sarah Pitard (The Sandman, Chronicles of Syntax) in English.

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Meanwhile, most pre-registration milestones have already been hit as well. Currently, players are on track to earn 10,000 SiverBuck, 800 DigiCash, five Operative Recruitment Chits, and an exclusive skin. Finally, if Snowbreak manages to hit two million pre-registrations, then everyone will also earn a unique weapon.

If you're eager to explore Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s intriguing sci-fi world, pre-register for the game now for free using your preferred link below. Visit the official website for more information and follow their Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest developments.

Tanish Botadkar
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