Kimono Cats' version 1.1 expansion is now available on Apple Arcade

Kimono Cats' version 1.1 expansion is now available on Apple Arcade

A couple of weeks ago, HumaNature Studios revealed a major expansion for the cute feline village builder and dating sim, Kimono Cats. The game, which is a part of Apple Arcade’s ever-growing catalogue was set to bring a tonne of new content for subscribers. Beginning today, iOS users can experience the Matsuri festival and all its activities.

Kimono Cats is enhancing the village life for its inhabitants with the new Matsuri Festival that players can enjoy with their gorgeous date. It’s the perfect place to go with a companion thanks to all the carnival-style minigames to enjoy. Players can participate in games like Target Toss, Shuriken Throw, and Hot Potato.

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Another cool one is where cats must commandeer a whacky ramen cart through a series of obstacles. A total of 20 new quests are being added for players to enjoy. All of them naturally grant rewards, but they also serve as a way of winning your companion’s heart. So, be sure to win all the games out there!\

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In addition, Kimono Cats’ village is also getting bigger with the availability of new structures. Players can place shops, houses, and restaurants all over their abode and decorate it with beautiful flowers. Of course, remembering to water them will be a must.

Kitties who have a few coins to spare can visit the local shop which features special home décor and plants, which can also be gifted to friends using gift cards. There are over 200 items such as hot air balloons, frog ponds, ice cream trucks, a campfire and even aliens from outer space to gather.

Speaking about the game, HumaNature founder Greg Johnson, said: “Kimono Cats is a safe haven that encourages self expression, love, and creativity. Whether you visit for 5 minutes or 5 hours, I hope you spread some positivity and love among your friends and the world.”

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